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Dear members, I have seen an increase of higher level sites on Torrent Auction. With an increased level of sites comes an increased risk of a scam. . So I will thereby suspend all high level auctions if the following proof is not sent to my email ( The screenshot must contain:

a) a full browser screenshot (cannot be cropped)
b)The newest uploaded Torrent visible
c) "Torrent Auction" must be in the search bar
d) personal details (ratio,name) can be blacked out

I will notify in the News Section if I think an auction is authentic. Please be warned: do not buy an auction before I post in the News Section
ALSO as a security feature. The person selling the high-level invite will have to go FIRST. This is to prevent fraud. Power Sellers and Verified members are exempt from this
When you send payment to a high level auction, please use the "service" option. In this case you can ask for a refund if the seller does not deliver.

HIGH LEVEL TRACKERS ARE: Pedros'BT, Polishtracker, HDBits, AOM, iTS, TranceTraffic, FTN, FSC, FTWR and EXGIO
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