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It has come to my attention that the GFT staff have caught and banned 7 people who bought an invite from Torrent Auction. To Prevent things like that from happening, I am issuing a warning to all sellers and buyers (Please note this applies to only trackers Level 4 and Higher):

  • Sellers. It looks suspicious if you give away 5 invites (on one account) in a period of two weeks.
  • Sellers. If you still haven't read the FAQ -- I will remind you: USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER WHEN USING TORRENT AUCTION. It is quite easy to track at what sites you've been, Tracker Admins have been doing it for years
  • Sellers. If you are serious about making money by selling Torrent Invites AND keeping your accounts consider investing in a VPS. This will allow you to have multiple accounts, so that if one gets banned you will still have another
  • Buyers. Before Buying an invite check the person's reputation. It is often better to buy an invite from a high rep person even if it means paying a few extra bucks.
I must remind that Torrent Auction is not responsible if your account gets disabled/banned. I try to minimize the risk, but flukes happen. It is up to the seller and the buyer to settle this. However one can always ask the admin to assist in the situation.

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