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Due to the confusion by new users accidentally paying me instead of the seller, I am reverting back to the “pay as you go” system. If you are a reputable user and prefer the old system, let me know and I will switch you back.

I am also adding 3 new stores:

“Thrifty” (9.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 10 auctions

“Savings” (14.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 15 auctions

“Economy” (17.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 10 auctions. Also waives any other fee of your choosing for 10 auctions (bold, miniheading, first page featured, etc)

The Basic, Prestige and Elite stores will give you a Preferred User Status that waives all fees. Thrifty, Savings and Economy Stores will only give you a Verified User Status (check mark beside your name). Please know that I activate each store manually, so the maximum time you will have to wait before your purchase is in effect is 12 hours. You can purchase a store by going to the My Store part of the Members Area and click on Subscription Setup

I also finally got my hands on some good servers. So I am offering the following seedbox plan to all Torrent Auction Users:

50GB, 100mbps up speed 15$ Contact me at for more info and to order

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