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I am reintroducing the 1.99 EURO start up fee.

However, as part of the "One Auction Guarantee" you can list one auction without any charge. When that auction sells (or ends), you can relist another one. Contact me to do so.

Reminder: Owners of a "Basic Store" get all fees waived

I've cleaned out over 100 spammers today - the majority of them signed up with a email account. Hotmail is now banned.

Happy Bidding!
I am proud to announce that Torrent Auction is now accepting payments for site fees using bitcoin. To promote this currency, all fees (except store fees) paid via bitcoin are 10% off. Pay Below:

Here is how it works:

1. Go here:

Note the weighted average. Lets say its 720 Euros/BTC

2. Check out the site fees:

Let's say you want to buy 20 Euros worth of stuff

3. Apply your 10% discount
20*0.9 = 18 euros

4. Convert Euros to Bitcoin using the weighted average

18/720 = 0.0250 BTC

5. Use the Pay Now Link from above ( and input 0.0250) to send the payment.

6. Make sure you use the same email address as you use on Torrent Auction. Once the payment is complete, send me a message and I'll add the needed items to your auction or credit your Torrent Auction account

Please Note: Bitcoin is supported by Torrent Auction. It is up to each seller to decide if they want to support it for their auctions. Contact me if you need any help
Just a heads up: Yes, I can change your username. PM me what you want your new username to be if you desire the change
I used to run a torrent invite/tracker subscription service called "Torrent Invites Frontier". Due to lack of interest I abandoned it. Now for the past few months, I've been getting daily registrations; which is weird considering I haven't updated the site in 4 years and I don't publicly advertise it. If there is interest, I can start it up again. Contact me and let me know what you think.
Hey all,

Expect some downtime from 19.6.13 to 22.6.13. No worries, we'll be back before you know it
Troubles with Paying for an Auction? Check this out:

The HDBits auction listed HERE is APPROVED. I have checked the screenshots and can confirm that the seller has the account. Buy with confidence, this offer won't last long!
Hello fellow Torrent Auctioneers,

Good News! Starting today there are no more auction start fees. Happy St.Patricks
I will be going on a vacation from December 19th to Decemeber 26th. Take note that I won't be able to reply to your inquiries in that time period. I will reply to all concerns on the 27th. Merry Holidays!
Good News! As an alternative payment system, you can now use Moneybookers.
The HDBits auction located HERE is approved. The screenshot checks out, so bid with confidence. I should not have to remind you of how rare this opportunity is.
I have seen the screenshot proof of this auction. I approve it. I have known the seller for awhile and I trust him completely. Note that the seller's reputation is zero. This is done for your protection. When a high profile auction is successfully bought, rep is not left. This is to minimize risk of getting detected by tracker admins. Buy with confidence. This is an FTN invite and is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity
Well Torrent Auction is finally on an new host. There should be no more errors
You are probably noticing this on the bottom of the page:

Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

As a result, you most likely can't login. This problem is not with the site code, but with the site host. My host claims that the error is fixed, yet it reappears. I am tired of that bullshit. I am switching to a new host. This will take at least 2 days. I will update you when I am done. Expect more errors in the meantime
To celebrate this milestone, the buyout price fee has been reduced from 3 Euros to FREE. Here's to another good year!
The HDBits auction located HERE has been verified. I do not need to remind you that it is hard to get into HDBits, so these types of auctions do not last long. Bid with confidence!
Forgot to mention in my last news update: Torrent Invites Micro is set to launch on

June 17, 2011

This is the date when some auctions' timers will be set from 365 days to 48 hours. The launch date depends on the number of users that sign up. Meanwhile register on the site and get a feel of it.
I am proud to present Micro Auctions. What are Micro Auctions? Micro auctions are a way to buy torrent invites for a very cheap price. Here is how they work:

1. Auctions start at $1
2. Before bidding on an auction, you must purchase bids
3. When you bid on an auction, the auction price goes up by $0.20 and the timer increases by 20 seconds
4. This continues until all bidding is stopped. The final bidder is the winner and must pay the final price
5. The invites will be delivered via email. It will take a maximum of 24 hours.

Micro Auctions will be run as a separate website from Torrent Auction. Visit Torrent Invites Micro and register today. For a limited time you will receive 3 free bids when you register.

Due to the confusion by new users accidentally paying me instead of the seller, I am reverting back to the “pay as you go” system. If you are a reputable user and prefer the old system, let me know and I will switch you back.

I am also adding 3 new stores:

“Thrifty” (9.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 10 auctions

“Savings” (14.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 15 auctions

“Economy” (17.99 Euros). Waives the Startup fee for 10 auctions. Also waives any other fee of your choosing for 10 auctions (bold, miniheading, first page featured, etc)

The Basic, Prestige and Elite stores will give you a Preferred User Status that waives all fees. Thrifty, Savings and Economy Stores will only give you a Verified User Status (check mark beside your name). Please know that I activate each store manually, so the maximum time you will have to wait before your purchase is in effect is 12 hours. You can purchase a store by going to the My Store part of the Members Area and click on Subscription Setup

I also finally got my hands on some good servers. So I am offering the following seedbox plan to all Torrent Auction Users:

50GB, 100mbps up speed 15$ Contact me at for more info and to order

I will be away from December 18th, 2010 until December 27th, 2010. I will have no access to this site in that time period, so I WILL NOT be able to reply to any messages/emails you send me. I will check and reply to all messages by December 28th, 2010. Wanted Ads have been disabled for this period of time to prevent abuse. Happy Holidays!

P.S Remember, when you buy an auction you pay the seller directly, do no add funds to your account
The server will be down today (Dec 12th, 2010) for about 3 hours. Do not worry if you can't access this site for that time period. Just try again later
The HDbits auction located [HERE] is approved. I have seen the full screenshot, and the auction is legit. The price is hard to beat, and the tracker is legendary. Bid with confidence!
I have seen the screenshot for this FTN AUCTION Please note that this is an INVITE and not an account. Bid now, this won't last long.
The CN (Cosa Notra) account located here [LINK] and the iTS account (InTheShadows) located here [LINK] are legit. Bid with confidence
Thats right. Once in a lifetime opportunity: [HERE] I have seen a screenshot proving that the seller truly owns the account. Bid with confidence. HOWEVER, please be aware that due to the high level of the tracker HDBits accounts CAN get disabled. Talk to the seller to make the transition as smooth as possible
The CN auction located here has been APPROVED. I have reviewed the screenshot proof and concluded that it is legit. Bid with confidence.
The auction located here is APPROVED. I have verified the proof and the seller is trusted. Bid with confidence!
I will be banning all Israeli IPs from accessing this site on 8/12/2010. If you are a legit Israeli user PM me your IP and I will make sure that it is not banned
The TT located here is approved. I haven't seen the HDbits proof, as the VIP who has the invite is afraid to take the screenshot, nevertheless f.ricky is an experienced member at Torrent Auction, so I would say he is a trusted user. It's up to you to make the final choice. As for the FTN, the proof is attached to the auction. Bid now, these are once in a lifetime type of sites
The CN located here is approved: [LINK]
This CN and this FTN are verified. Bid with confidence

March Madness continues. The following auctions are approved: FTN, FSC and HDBits
The TranceTraffic account located HERE and the TranceTraffic invites located here are both APPROVED
The FSC auction located here has been APPROVED
This FTN is authentic. Bid with confidence
March Madness: I have (re)approved this FSC auction.Let me remind you that FSC has a higher rank then FTN. Buy Now
I have successfully changed servers. Unfortunately about a days data was lost in the process. To the creator of the FSC auction, please register with the same username and restart the auction and I will apply the "Buy Out" free of charge. Unfortunately I can't contact you, as emails have been also affected
I am going to be changing my server. The change will likely result in a downtime of 4 hours. I will also need to update the DNS. That can take between 24-48 hours. If you want to use the site while DNS is being updated send me an email ( and I will give you the IP address
Boy are you guys getting lucky. Another lifetime chance to join your dream tracker! This FTN invite, by InviteMaster is approved. Bid now. This one will go fast
DarkManX is a trusted member here. He has recently started a TranceTraffic Auction, located HERE. I have confirmed that this is a 1TB account. Considering that this is a music auction, 1TB is quite impressive. Bid today, it won't last long
The TranceTraffic Account located here has been APPROVED. Buy now, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
The FTN auction located here is APPROVED. I have looked over at the screenshots and the INVITE is legit. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bid now.
I know there are members who are spreading rumors that there are spies here at Torrent Auction. In the history of Torrent Auction (8 months), there were only 4 known cases when a person got banned. Most of the cases are, because the users weren't careful: using a torrent site in a Torrent Auction browser, using the same login name, not using a dedicated server for multiple accounts. The rumors are just rumors. Isn't is suspicious that the "spies" banned only one account seller when there are tens of other sellers available? There are some quite good security precautions here at Torrent auction: no complete user list is available, the ability to do a private auctions, the inability of sellers to contact the buyers and a few other secret things to make your experience safe. However I am always monitoring the site and will ban any users under suspicion
Dear members, I have seen an increase of higher level sites on Torrent Auction. With an increased level of sites comes an increased risk of a scam. . So I will thereby suspend all high level auctions if the following proof is not sent to my email ( The screenshot must contain:

a) a full browser screenshot (cannot be cropped)
b)The newest uploaded Torrent visible
c) "Torrent Auction" must be in the search bar
d) personal details (ratio,name) can be blacked out

I will notify in the News Section if I think an auction is authentic. Please be warned: do not buy an auction before I post in the News Section
ALSO as a security feature. The person selling the high-level invite will have to go FIRST. This is to prevent fraud. Power Sellers and Verified members are exempt from this
When you send payment to a high level auction, please use the "service" option. In this case you can ask for a refund if the seller does not deliver.

HIGH LEVEL TRACKERS ARE: Pedros'BT, Polishtracker, HDBits, AOM, iTS, TranceTraffic, FTN, FSC, FTWR and EXGIO
Thanks to all who have ordered a FunBox. This mass ordering has allowed me to significantly reduce the price on all my plans (activation fee and setup fee remvoved). Check it [FunBox]
Torrent Auction is Launching its own new exclusive Seedbox service. Head over to FunBox. Featuring plans that could fit into any budget and highly anonymous servers, our servers are just the right thing to buy after you get a new torrent account
Happy Holidays,
Here is to a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
I have just been notified that HDbits invites WILL NOT be open on 21.09.09. Damn attention whores. In the mean time SceneHD, Bit-Hdtv or should be a suitable alternative.
HDbits invites are going to be open on 21st of December. Nows your chance to get that HDbits Invite
Well, it looks like SCT is shutting down. Polishtracker is having a promotion for all SCT members.
Go to and join #pt-invites. Have a screenshot with your profile from SCT visible. You then will be invited to PolishTracker

All SCT auctions have been deleted
TranceTraffic auction suspended until proof of invite is shown
It has come to my attention that the GFT staff have caught and banned 7 people who bought an invite from Torrent Auction. To Prevent things like that from happening, I am issuing a warning to all sellers and buyers (Please note this applies to only trackers Level 4 and Higher):

  • Sellers. It looks suspicious if you give away 5 invites (on one account) in a period of two weeks.
  • Sellers. If you still haven't read the FAQ -- I will remind you: USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER WHEN USING TORRENT AUCTION. It is quite easy to track at what sites you've been, Tracker Admins have been doing it for years
  • Sellers. If you are serious about making money by selling Torrent Invites AND keeping your accounts consider investing in a VPS. This will allow you to have multiple accounts, so that if one gets banned you will still have another
  • Buyers. Before Buying an invite check the person's reputation. It is often better to buy an invite from a high rep person even if it means paying a few extra bucks.
I must remind that Torrent Auction is not responsible if your account gets disabled/banned. I try to minimize the risk, but flukes happen. It is up to the seller and the buyer to settle this. However one can always ask the admin to assist in the situation.

Thats right folks the Auction located here: LINK is Approved. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Have no fear, click on that buy out button or the invite will be gone fast. A special thanks goes out to the user torrentauction for choosing Torrent Auction to sell his FTN invite

This user has started two HDbits auctions. Here are his proofs for both of them:

If you zoom in the ratio is different for both of them. Completely different. Therefore this user is now under a 24 hour Danger Period. Do NOT bid on any of his auctions. They will all be removed. The user has 24 hours to explain why he has provided two different ratio proofs. Contact can be made through the Contact Us Button. Failure to do so will cause the user to be banned and his details posted on the blacklist (under the scammer category)
Seeing as the proofs had a different site name (in the search bar) then Torrent Auction, I have suspended the auction until proper proofs are shown to me. This is because anybody could grab proofs from a different site and claim them as own
An important change to the rules:

1. One CAN NOT Copy the Auction Description. One MUST Contact the author if one wants to "borrow" parts of the Description

Also, Prestige and Elite Store Owners are now allowed to list the auctions they listed on their store page on Torrent Auction's Home Page. All You need to do is let me know which one's you want listed on the homepage
Please Register with a working email. Torrent Auction will email you any important information you need to know. This includes what happens after you buy an auction.
The seller has failed to provide me the required proofs (48 hours were given). The auction is now suspended. The seller has a mercy period of 24 hours, before I delete the auction from the system
Alot of people have noticed that new Torrent Invites Frontier Advertisement on the bottom of the site. In case you still don't know Torrent Invites Frontier is a newspaper dedicated to helping you make money, selling Torrent Invites. It covers Statistical Data, so you can maximize the profit (so you don't undersell or if the price is too high don't sell at all), it helps you keep your account secure by giving you monthly reports discussing various techniques and gives you the advantage by giving you awesome Coupon Codes for Torrent Auction. Check it out!

As a side note, we didn't reach the 25 auction goal -- better luck next time

Torrent Auction is having another promotion. This time its aimed at the torrent invites sellers. The Contest is Simple:

  • get 25 LIVE Auctions up by September 25, 2009. All the Advertising Costs (Buy Out, Highlight, Homepage Featured, Bolded, etc) will be made FREE for the weekend (Sept. 26- Sept 27)
  • get 50 LIVE Auctions. A pleasant surprise awaits the Top 3 Users (calculated by the most auctions started)

You CAN NOT Create Duplicate Accounts

You CAN NOT Spam the board with bad auctions (ie making 10 seperate Demonoid Auctions)

You CAN NOT make another auction, for a tracker you are already selling. If you make one, but it won't count towards the contest goals

Good Luck to All!

Remember it is the BUYER's responsibility to contact the SELLER. This is to find out who goes first and determine the emails/methods of payment. Find out how to CONTACT THE SELLER
New Addition to the Rules:

1) DO NOT Register on this site with a username that you use on torrent trackers.

New Addition to the FAQ:

Torrent Auction is bringing you more exciting news:

1. Preferred Sellers (store owners) now, not only get 50% off for all fees, but also their End of Auction Fees are waived

2. Our policies regarding what sites can be offered has broadened: before only torrent sites were allowed to be bought/sold. Now any site that has an invite system can have its invites sold. Check the General Section of the FAQ for more info
There are some exciting changes that have been done:

1. There is no longer an auction start fee! instead if the auction is completed the seller is required to pay 2.50 euros
2. A new user class has been added: Verified User

-Torrent Auction: Your Best Source of Torrent Invites
Are you tired of waiting for some KIND soul to invite you to your favorite torrent site? Are you worried about some nosy admins disabling your newly received account? Do you have invites, but no one to give them to?

Say hello to the BEST and Q U I C K E S T way of getting invited to any site you like (or making a quick buck).

We GUARANTEE the most MINIMIZED risk of Account Disabling, thanks to our unique system which determines which user goes first
We GUARANTEE the EASIEST way of getting invited
We GUARANTEE that you will have a GREAT time and meet some interesting people here at Torrent Auction

Not so FAST. Read the FAQ and the RULES before clicking on that TEMPTING Register button

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