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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a person is verified?
1. Click on the reputation next to a persons name

2. If you see an orange checkmark with a red background, that means the person is verified

How do I find out if a Person is a Preferred Seller?

1. Click on the reputation next to a persons name

2. Click on the Advanced Profile View

3. Look under the Preferred Seller Option

Help, Advanced Profile view is not showing (and I am a preferred seller)

1. Log in and click on "Profile Page" in the About Me Section of the Members Area

2. Make sure Enable Profile Page is checked

I am still having trouble with the user ranks; anything else I can do?
If you do not know the users rank (or if the rank the user is telling you, yout hink is wrong) then use the contact us button. We will usually send you the correct rank of that user within the hour

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