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If You Buy an Auction. You must CONTACT the Seller First

FAQ Topics

How safe is this site to use?
This site is one of the safest torrent sites to use. Not only do we not give away any personal information, but we also minimize the risk of getting your account disabled by forcing our users to follow our unique system of deciding who goes first in an auction

What is the Unique System of determining who goes first?
To answer the question shortly it is basically the lowest rank of user goes first.
There are 2 ranks of users (from top to bottom):

* Preferred Sellers [Automatically if you are a store owner]
* Verified Sellers (need to have successfully started AND completed 5 AUCTIONS
* Normal Sellers

If the seller and the bidder are of the same rank, then the person who has done the fewest auctions goes first
If the two users are of the same rank AND done the same number of auctions, then the person who joined closer to todays date goes first
If two users have the same rank, done the same number of auctions and joined on the same date, then it is the responsibility of the two users to decide who goes first.
Scammers will have their IPs and email addresses posted on the "BLACKLIST" page getting them banned at trackers and hindering their ability to join new ones

What happens if I get scammed?
If you by very small chance get scammed, then please use the "Contact Us" feature and fill out a report. Please be sure to supply evidence in the form of a screenshot. All submissions without proper evidence will be ignored. When your report is reviewed, the offender will have his Email Address and IP posted publicly. This will get him banned at any trackers he is currently on and will hinder his attempt at joining any new trackers

Are there any fees?
There are two types of fees. Fees that allow you to grab attention (highlighting, bolding, uploading videos, making an auction featured) this type of fee is OPTIONAL. The second type of fee is the end of auction fee, which the seller pays. This fee is MANDATORY, it is paid after an auction is successfully completed (ie an invite is bought by someone else). Failure to pay this fee will put the seller on the blacklist. The End of Auction fee serves 2 purposes: it helps cover the hosting costs and it helps us protect you against scammers. Read more about FEES

What sort of Payment is accepted?
Torrent Auction accepts what the seller accepts. Contact them for more details

What is the Wanted Ad Feature?
This allows you to "request" a tracker. You will post a tracker and a seller will offer it

Are my details (IP, email, etc) safe?
Yes. Unless you are a scammer, all your personal details are safe with us. You must not forget that we want to make a profit too and we won't be able to do that, if we give personal details away

Where does the money go?
We donate the money received from this site to torrent trackers

Any other security tips?
It is possible for trackers to see from what page you are coming from. It is also possible for some trackers to see your browsing history. For this we recommend you use a Different browser, when using this site.

Are Torrent Accounts allowed to be sold?
Yes, but if your account gets disabled; the seller will not get banned as there are other factors involved that are beyond our control (Tracker IP checks)

What are the Tracker Levels that are in the categories?
This is a system that we implemented to keep the auctions tidy. Tracker levels reflect the rarity of the tracker. They do not reflect content. When selling an invite/account; you MUST place your auction in the right category. Category list is available here: Tracker List. If your tracker is not mentioned, you are advised to place your auction in the category you think is right, based on the trackers rarity

Where will my invites be sent to?
By default, your registration email. It is up to the user to notify the seller; if a different email is to be used

Isn't it dangerous to sell invites to random strangers?
Well there are two reasons why an account gets disabled: getting caught by an admin selling account/invite -- that risk is minimized here AND the inability of a person to keep a good ratio. Since the "stranger" is already investing money into an account it is very unlikely the person will keep a bad ratio (as he can donate/buy seedbox)

Is this site limited only to Torrent Invites?
No, you can sell invites to other types of sites as well (example: google voice); just remember when selling the invite it must be put in the Tracker Level 1 section
What are Stores?
Stores are minisites which allow you to sell your invites

What are the benefits of Stores?
Stores automatically grant you Preferred User status. A Preferred User status gives you a 50% discount on all fees. A Preferred User Status is also a mark of a trusted user. Stores also allow you to list a number of items for FREE :
  • Basic Store - 10 items
  • Prestige Store - 25 items
  • Elite Store- 75 items
Note: A Powerseller Status means the End of Auction Fee is removed

Having a Prestige store and an Elite Store also puts your store on the "Featured Store" section in the store page

Are Stores Right for Me?
We recommend stores for people who are serious about making money from selling torrent invites. With the ability to gain Powerseller status a store would be a serious money saver for those interested in selling 10+ invites

How do I start a store?
Go to the My Store part of the Members Area and click on Subscription Setup

Also, Prestige and Elite Store Owners are now allowed to list the auctions they listed on their store page on Torrent Auction's Home Page. All You need to do is let me know which one's you want listed on the homepage
What are the different Auction Features?

-A simple auction means you can sell one invite
-A dutch auction means you can sell multiple invites (of the same site)
-A Reserve Price makes the auction stop when the reserve price is met. The reserve price is not visible to other users
-A Buyout Price enables the user to buy the invite, without bidding on it. *This is Recommended*
-An Offer Range enables the users to see the price to make offers from
-A Bid Increment determines by how much the next bidder has to beat the previous bidder. We Recommend you leave this on default
-A Home Page Featured option will list your invite on the Front Page. Only 3 items can be listed on the front page *This is Recommended*
-A Category featured option will list your invite on the Category Featured Page. Only 3 items can be listed on the Category Featured Page
-A Highlight will highlight your offer. This will make it stand out from the rest of the invites
-A Bold will bold your offer. This will make it stand out from the rest of the invites
-Start time allows you to specify, when your offer starts
-Media Upload will allow you to upload a video of your invite for proof. The Max size is 64mb. We recommend this feature for people selling high ranking invites
-An Auto Relist will automatically relist your invite for 25% less
How can I promote my site on your site?
We have a banner system implemented. This system allows you to place a banner on specific pages on our site (from the main page to each of the categories). Pricing is Flexible: we have a Number of Views Option and a Number of Clicks Option. Number of Views Option will keep the banner up for a specific number of views. Number of clicks option will keep the banner up for a psecific number of clicks. Pricing is flexible, so feel free to contact us

Can I promote my seedbox here?
We have a Special Seedbox Page, visible to all. We have room for 5 banners. Contact us for details about pricing

Are there any special Auction Features?
Yes, we have two special options: send all users an email and send all users a private message. Contact Us for details
How do I find out if a person is verified?
1. Click on the reputation next to a persons name

2. If you see an orange checkmark with a red background, that means the person is verified

How do I find out if a Person is a Preferred Seller?

1. Click on the reputation next to a persons name

2. Click on the Advanced Profile View

3. Look under the Preferred Seller Option

Help, Advanced Profile view is not showing (and I am a preferred seller)

1. Log in and click on "Profile Page" in the About Me Section of the Members Area

2. Make sure Enable Profile Page is checked

I am still having trouble with the user ranks; anything else I can do?
If you do not know the users rank (or if the rank the user is telling you, yout hink is wrong) then use the contact us button. We will usually send you the correct rank of that user within the hour

How do I send a user message to a person?

Quite easy. First select your auction:

Scroll Down and find the "ASK SELLER a QUESTION" feature

Enter Your Question and click Submit. Private question means that the conversation is only visible to the buyer and the seller.

The seller will then receive the message:
I bought an invite, what do I do next?

The buyer, must contact the seller. This is to arrange who goes first.

1. Go to Your Members Area and Click on "Won Items"

2. You will be greeted by something that looks like this. The Auction that you won, would be listed:

3. Click on it. And then Scroll Down and "Ask the Seller a Question"

4. The Seller will recieve your question and the converstation will begin

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