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You CAN NOT join this site, if you want to cause harm to any trackers. You CAN join this site if you want to become a member of a tracker

You CAN NOT scam members. You CAN ask sellers for proof (publicly/privately) if the proof given is inadequate

You CAN NOT join this site with the intentions of harming this site [Torrent Auction]. You CAN join this site if you are willing to become a productive member

You CAN NOT hold this site responsible for any damages that occur. You CAN report a user as long as proper evidence is used

You CAN NOT add reputation if there was no auction taking place. You MUST add reputation after every successful auction

You CAN NOT list an item for more then 1000 EUROS. You MUST check the Tracker Levels before listing your offer

You CAN NOT use a username here; that you use on torrent trackers. You MUST have a unique username

You CAN NOT use the same browser for Torrent Auction as you use for other sites. You MUST use a new web browser

You CAN NOT use an email here; that you use on torrent trackers. You MUST have a unique email

You CAN NOT copy the Auction Description. You MUST contact the author if one wants to "borrow" parts of the description

After YOU buy an Invite/Account, YOU MUST message the SELLER. The seller does not have to message you [the buyer]. If you fail to message the seller, you are subject to the 36 hour rule

All transactions must take place within 36 hours after the successful completion of the auction. The person that does not do the transaction (be it either sending the invite, giving the account or paying money) will be banned and added to the blacklist

Breaking of these rules will cause your membership to be terminated and your IP and Email Address posted publicly


Here are the Tracker Levels

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